Book Reviews
FIVE Star review: "This is one of those books, which demands a flashlight under the blanket and will be read until all hours of the night...This book packs a punch and is not for the more gentle reader. Right away on the first page, the author pulls into a goose bump raising scene--a murder is witnessed by four boys. The second they're caught, it's clear what will happen next. It isn't gruesome but there is a no nonsense feel to the story. It's dark, it's a mystery and it does send chills up and down the spine. But it holds even more than that...."
The Children Under the Ice by R. A. Douthitt is the most intriguing start to a new mystery series. The story is beyond suspenseful. Dark, thrilling, and frightening. They story starts out with one murder that soon turns into multiple murders. Never ever go into the woods. No telling what evil resides within it. A murderer is on the loose. He's gotten away with murdering people...but now, one person may be able to put a stop to it. A young boy, Mikey ends up meeting the ghosts of those who were murdered. They use Mikey to get the killer caught. Only time will tell, if the murderer gets put away before someone else gets hurt again. Dangerous, clever, and never a boring moment. Writer, R. A. Douthitt, has done a magnificent job in weaving a tale that sends goosebumps on one's arms and chills down their spines. I found this first novel of the series to be creepier than the Goosebumps novels. Loved reading it. Overall, I highly recommend it to readers everywhere.
 Medal Winner