The Dragon Forest Trilogy
This trilogy follows the life of Prince Peter, a precocious boy seeking adventure instead of a kingdom. 

The reader first discovers Peter as a ten year old boy desiring his father's attention. Because his father is the King, Peter must wait in a long line of people desiring the King's time. 

One day, Peter overhears his father in a meeting with his Royal Knights discussing their plan to enter the Dragon Forest, slay the mysterious Dragon within, and bring back its scales to use as weapons and shields.

Peter now has a plan to enter into the forest and slay the Dragon for his father as a prize!

The story reveals the mysteries of the Dragon Forest and its sole inhabitant as Peter enters into the cathedral of trees only to discover its true purpose and his destiny.

Son of the Oath

In the second book, the reader finds Peter at age thirteen and ready to head to Knight Training as his best friend, Will, did before him. 

Peter and his three friends completed their schooling and set off for their great adventures! 

But before Peter can leave, he has to make a choice. Will he stay and continue down the path chosen for him? Will he choose a path that takes him through many trials or will he head to Knight Training for adventure and excitement first? 

The story follows Peter as he learns the hard lessons of his life as future King of Illiath. Can he endure the trials? Or will he fail and leave Illiath without an heir?

The King of Illiath

The third and final book of the trilogy finds Peter after his trials and well on his way to that adventure he always longed for. 

Will he make it back to Illiath in time? Will he return to save the Dragon Forest from the evil Lord Bedlam once and for all?

Readers will have to buy the book to find out!

The Dragon Forest Trilogy